That time I found a Picasso

Professional organizers have lots of stories about the unusual things they find in clients’ homes. I am no different. This is a little story from the summer of 2019.

A little ceramic fish lived on a shelf in the living room of my clients’ childhood home for as long as they can remember. When it came time to decide on the stuff in that space, no one was interested in keeping it. They wanted to know if it should be added to the pile for Goodwill or the white elephant sale at a local museum. Turning it around in my hands, I asked their permission to take photos and do a little poking around online first. I sent them my search results and asked if I could submit the photos to an auction house for a valuation request. Trusting my gut, coupled with an undergraduate degree in art history degree and being a fan of Antiques Roadshow paid off. It was a Picasso. It sold at auction in October for $4,000. You can see the piece and read the tale on my blog.

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Debra Baida
Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.