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I love to share tips and wisdom gleaned over the course of more than 15 years and hundreds of organizing clients’ projects. A selection of online and print media for which I’ve been a contributor or in which I’ve been mentioned are below. If you’re an editor or writer seeking expert advice for an upcoming feature, please give me a call.

Best of San Francisco
PBS Newshour
KQED Forum Tips on Decluttering
Food Network Organizing Rules
Cole Hardware San Francisco Newsletter Organizer

Reader’s Digest, February 1, 2023 – See if you can find my refrigerator tip in 50 Organizing Tips You’ll Wish You Knew All Along! (Updated from previous versions)

The Kitchn, December 14, 2022 – Tickled that this writer refers to one of my daily space-creating hacks as a “super-smart tip,” in 6 Ways to Make Room in Your Pantry for All of Those Holiday Goodies. For real! This is a strategy I employ regularly in my small countertop-free kitchen with limited storage space.

It’s Relatable with Kari O’Driscoll (Episode 6), November 18, 2022 – Talking with Debra Baida About Stuff (why we love it and whether we need as much of it as we think we do), Kari and I chat about what it’s like to help folks organize their clutter, explore the stories we tell about our things, and how we can be more intentional about creating ease in our lives by getting rid of things that no longer serve us, and so much more. Sit back, grab a cup of tea, and listen in on MindBodySpirit.FM, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you tune in for podcasts.

The Kitchn, October 19, 2022 – I was so pleased to be quoted with my zero-waste organizing tip in Things You Should Do Right Now to Prep Your Kitchen for Holiday Baking, According to Pro Organizers., March 28, 2022 – Decluttering for Dummies: How To Sort and Organize Loose Papers in Your Home includes my practical tried and true ways to keep and minimize uninvited papers from entering your home.

Woman’s World, December 9, 2021 – Because the refrigerator is one of the most highly trafficked spaces in the home, giving it a little reset before things get too busier than usual can be helpful. I contributed a couple of insights in 5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Fridge Fast Ahead of the Holidays.

The Kitchn, October 27, 2021 – In 6 Best Ways to Arrange Your Cookbooks, According to Professional Organizers, my recommendations come from clients who choose to have their cookbooks accessible, yet not where you think they’d be stored.

StorageCafe, October 22, 2021 – I’m honored to be included in 10 of the Best Home Organizers in San Francisco. &, April 2, 2021 – See my strategies for making your junk drawer work better and how to keep unwanted items out of landfill in Decluttering for Dummies: Our 5-Step Guide to Making Your Junk Drawer Functional. (See a video of the print version in the Sunday, April 11th issue of the SF Chronicle’s Real Estate.)

Cole Hardware’s Hardware Hotline, Spring 2019 – For more than a decade, I’ve been one of many skilled tradespeople Cole Hardware highlights in their newsletter and refers to customers who value their recommendations. I continue to be grateful for their partnership and this generous feature.

San Francisco Magazine, July 2018 –  Liberated Spaces was chosen as the best professional organizer the magazine’s editorial staff for their annual Best of San Francisco issue. Thank you, editors!!!

Women’s Environmental Network, July 6, 2018 – It was an honor to be interviewed for WEN’s July newsletter spotlight.

Food Network, February 2018 – Find my handy tip for keep food items at your fingertips in both the slide show, 13 Kitchen Organizing Mistakes – And the Easy Way to Fix ‘Em.

Cole Hardware’s Hardware Hotline, January 2017 – Forward momentum in our days requires time and effort. My article, Make Room for What Matters in 2017, provides a handful of powerful questions and tips to get you on your way. Moving Blog, December 2016 – As the last organizer interviewed for How to Pack Boxes Efficiently for Moving, my challenge was to come up with unusual or creative tips for readers. Thank goodness I came up with a few!, June 11, 2106 – It’s both fun and an honor to be listed with a few of my friends in 10 Best Professional Organizers in San Francisco.

KQED’s Forum, January 8, 2016 – KQED Public Radio’s live call-in program featured a segment called Tips on Decluttering Your Life (and Desk). Along with my esteemed colleague, Victoria Roberts of Victoria Roberts Organizing, and Dr. Michael Tompkins of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy – it was an honor to have the opportunity to speak publicly about what I love helping people navigate and achieve. The full audio (run time 51:28) is available for listening and download at the link above.

Cole Hardware’s Hardware Hotline, January 2016 – Let 2016 be the year you commit to managing the papers coming into and going out of your life. I give you the steps and tips to make it happen in How to Tame Your Paper Piles., June 1, 2015 – Why is there resistance to letting go of things especially when they occupy valuable mental and physical real estate in our lives? The reasons are many and I loved being part of the dialogue in Hoarding for the Environment? Zero Waste Experts Bea Johnson and Deb Baida Respond.

Natural Health Magazine, November/December 2014 – In the cover story, Pure Peace & Joy! (page 82), you can read my solutions for prepping and decluttering the home for your festivities along with plenty of other tips to help you fill the holiday season with what matters most.

SheKnows, February 1, 2013 – Diverting waste from landfill tickles my ECO funny bone, so I was happy to share tips on setting up a user-friendly recycling system and minimizing household waste (see #10) for two articles on Going Green.

PBS NewsHour, January 25, 2013 – As one who’s more comfortable behind the camera than in front of one, I must confess to having a great time talking about compost and cooking for San Francisco on Track to Become Zero Waste City.

Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, by Beth Terry, June 2012 (first edition) – I am very honored that one of my tips for reducing plastic waste was published in this seminal new book. (Updated edition released in April 2015)

The Noe Valley Voice, December 2010/January 2011 – When the editor of one of San Francisco’s most well read newspapers called and asked if I’d write an article about getting organized for the new year, I was more than happy to oblige. Read about how to Slow Down to Make Room for What Matters in 2011.

My Plastic-Free Life, February 2010 – What an honor it to provide Beth Terry, anti-plastics crusader, with recommendations and tips for organizing (and remembering to use) a “to go” system at home in Carrying Our Own Containers: Powerful Action or Pointless Inconvenience?