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When clients are willing to share the impact our collaboration has on them, the effects can and do ripple outward. By reading their words, perhaps you’ll recognize the type of organizational support or outcome you may be looking for.

In addition to the testimonials below, I have permission to share one client’s extremely helpful nuts and bolts blog post about organizing and ADHD which includes a very kind nod to our work together. Another is a very personal testimonial – the result of a spontaneous office intervention in my own home – and the story behind it.

Working with Deb is a gift because she helps you identify what truly matters to you, and then, through the material de-cluttering process, helps you clear the psychic blockages as well. I would highly recommend her to those who not only want to clear out their physical spaces but also gain a greater sense of serenity and order in their lives.
Karin B., San Francisco
Debra has a talent for seeing space and knowing how to use it most efficiently. During the process of our "project organize!" she had an absolutely natural, un-frenetic and non-judgmental way of dealing with the chaos that we seemed to have made out of our office. Employing the logic of an architect, the patience of a saint, and the creativity of a feng shui artist, Debra helped us create simplicity, usability, and ease. We are grateful!
Jane Dobson, San Francisco
Working with Deb changed my entire orientation to my home. I approached Deb because I wanted a sense of organization and calm in my (toddler-ravaged) house, but had no idea where to start and needed some accountability and guidance.

Deb encouraged me endlessly and we took it room-by-room - purging, organizing, and implementing workable systems. Deb is so dynamic to work with. Her process felt completely customized to me and my needs and she is just brilliant. She manages to break down overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces and the result is apparent. Every session with her seriously felt like a cleanse. I can't recommend working with Deb more highly.
Meredith S., San Francisco,
Working with Deb over Zoom has been an absolute pleasure. My room had never really been organized properly. Objects had multiple homes or none and I could barely see my floor. I have an empty floor now! Deb kept me focused on one task at a time so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. Physically, I moved and organized everything myself, but Deb’s support made it happen. Never judgmental, always helpful and compassionate.
Nico A., Los Angeles
Just like the name of your business implies, it’s *liberation* on so many levels. My clutter was so much more than clutter, it was seriously impacting my self-esteem and how I saw myself, which actually made it that much harder to deal with because the stakes felt so high! I’m so grateful I was ready and able to deal with it at last, and SO grateful that there’s such a thing as Professional Organizing that exists to help folks like me because I’d never been able to do it on my own!! It’s been such a life-changer for me. Then to top it all off I was lucky enough to find YOU, a perfect fit to help me on my journey. Thank you Deb!!! You’re the BEST!!!!
M.E., San Francisco
I have some exciting news - less than a week after you helped me organize my apartment -- including leaving space for a potential future partner - I started dating my boyfriend. I've thought of you often as the fairy godmother that helped make the space for him in my life (physically and metaphorically). I'm very in love. And now, 8 months later, he's moving in! Thank you for making such a tremendous impact in my life!
C.S., San Francisco
You are a life saver and a positive disruptor for exhausted new parents!
A.S., Los Angeles
If you have ever stared at a pile of paperwork with hatred, fear and dread or just tossed crap into an area you tried to pretend didn't exist like I did for years and years, then you will feel so satisfied when you tackle those projects with Deb. It’s hard to describe but she brought a sense of safety to me that I needed to do things I didn't want to do. She was just the help I needed. I couldn't possibly recommend her more enthusiastically. Outside of her services being so useful she has a warm, calming, joyous presence that makes the time together a real pleasure. I cannot believe I waited so long to hire someone to help me cull through my house and get organized, it was such a good use of time and money and one of the most satisfying things I've ever done for my family. We worked on sorting and organizing almost every room in my house. Deb made everything feel doable, and we actually had a lot of fun in the process. I was shocked at how much I could get through in an hour when we were together. I never felt judged for the state of my house or the decisions I made to keep or get rid of anything. Deb has a gift for breaking things down so that tasks I had anticipated with dread and had procrastinated on for so long all of a sudden seemed so simple and doable. I moved shortly after we finished our work together and I reaped the benefits of the systems we set up and the junk we got rid of during packing, unpacking and getting our new place set up. The largest value in her service was how she taught me to think about how I use space so that I am more capable of setting up useful systems in my house now and able to maintain the organization after the initial set up.
Wendy Sue Horn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Portland
I feel like working with you gives me superpowers! We get way more accomplished than I think is even possible or that I could ever do on my own!
S. Smith, San Francisco
Deb is a fantastic person to call to help ensure you make goals and achieve them in an orderly way. During the organizing process, you will likely find that you have organized more than the exterior space of your focus, but have fostered greater inner calm and clarity as well. This is not an accident, and it is something Deb excels at understanding and facilitating.

After trying to achieve greater order in my home environment with limited success on my own, I found that working with Deb led to rapid progress and a great outcome. She has a gentle yet firm way of facilitating the organizing process. She is professional, encouraging, respectful, and effective. Not only is my home organized, but my overall daily experience is organized, too.
Phil G., San Francisco
A referral brought Debra Baida to me for archiving my son's musical memorabilia. She transformed boxes of news clippings, ephemera, handwritten lyrics and more, into a professionally-housed archive, complete with a searchable database and digitized image library. Debra's jovial personality and great attention to timelines and details made the experience very pleasant. I have just turned over my personal archives to her for her expert service!
Deborah Santana, author, CEO
There is something deeply empowering, honoring and transformative about your energy and the work you do. You're a witness for what is and an advocate for honoring and listening to our inner voice whether that voice is telling us to hang on to something, use it in a new way or let it go. It's exciting and powerful work. I look forward to working with you again.
M.W., San Francisco
After hearing Deb speak on the radio show Forum, I was impressed with her thorough, simple and direct approach to home organization. My wife and I have two young children and since moving to our home a year ago, we still felt unsettled and disorganized.

On the phone consultation, Deb was compassionate in listening to our concerns, and clearly explained her approach to organization and her aim to empower clients to take control. In person, she proved to be warm, receptive, and flexible. She toured our home thoroughly and respectfully, asking about what worked and what didn’t, and made immediate suggestions to help us move towards our goals.

Deb is enthusiastic about her work, provides simple solutions to complex problems, and is adaptive to your needs. She is highly attuned to the anxieties of disorganization, and she is incredibly helpful in relieving them.

We met with her several times to reorganize our kitchen, which has since inspired us to progress to the rest of the house. We will always keep Deb in mind when we’re in need of a tune-up. Her teachings will persist in our home for a long time.
Niall & Caitlin K., Daly City
Never underestimate how much you can get done with Deb over a cup of tea.
Holly V.H., Redwood City
My family of four moved abroad for two years. We stored half of our things in a garage in the Sierra Nevada, took the rest with us to the equator, bought more, then got rid of half of all that so it would fit in the shipping container to come home.

After we got back, I took a deep breath and asked Deb to come over. I’ve known Deb for over 20 years and was reluctant to ask her to help me. (We’re friends but, ew! She doesn’t need to know my secret hoard-y quirks!)

In the course of one day, we got my kitchen so ship-shape that everyone can find what they need every time! Interestingly, we are wasting less food and--dare I say it?--eating healthier because I can picture each organized cabinet and exactly what we have!

Call her! You’ll have fun, and be happier and healthier afterwards.
Pennington A. N., Union City
Initiating an action sometimes is an issue with my sister, having the patience to wade through the mire of red tape can stop her in any endeavor, and following through is yet another challenge for her. Debra, I am pleased that you found ways to address these life skills and to help her with organization. She is seldom willing to allow anyone but family in her life, but, she likes you, looks forward to working with you, and you have accomplished many things together. My entire family thanks you for your professionalism and kindness.
A.Williams, Maine
Deb was an amazing resource in helping me clear out my storage unit in Berkeley two years after I relocated from the Bay Area to the East Coast. Deb did a great job at setting the pace and keeping things on track, making sure we finished what I wanted to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. It would have taken me a week - if ever! - to get the same things done.

The great thing about her is that she not only helped me immensely with the actual sorting and cleaning out of the space, but also she helped me prepare mentally for the work beforehand. Thinking about the task often became overwhelming, and she was there to listen and offer guidance.

Deb helped me create an action plan that we were able to execute in the five days allotted for this project. She was supportive and objective and always able to offer pros and cons for me to consider when the emotional weight of giving things up was great.

Deb's assistance was invaluable. I would recommend her highly to anyone that needs help getting organized!
Max Maddock, NYC
It was Deb's newsletter which motivated and inspired me to 1) get rid of a storage space 2) throw away a lot of unnecessary "stuff" 3) build a three-wall desk in my home-office and 4) reorganize my living space so my mental space could be uplifted!

Deb has that affect on people. She's passionate about her work. She has a tender empathy that few personal life coaches have. She cares about people and wants to make a contribution to our planet one person, one project at a time.
Ken Kerbs, NYC
Debra is a great organizer because she knows how to listen. She never told me what to do, and she rolled up her sleeves when it was time to move stuff around. After a mere four hours, I had a new kitchen and I didn't purchase a single 'organizing' basket, tote, or other paraphernalia, AND we came up with five bags to go to charity! Less is more as the saying goes...
Anna R., Santa Cruz
Deb took a large stack of boxes of photographs and transformed them into a wonderful and well organized archive for our organization. Thirty years' worth of photographs are now stored in a safe and secure way to ensure both preservation and access. She created a user-friendly system that allows staff to locate and pull photographs using different criteria: by content, by photographer, and/or by year, among others. Before this work was done, finding what we were looking for was frustrating and time consuming. Now we can put our hands on what we need in minutes.
Janet Cowperthwaite, Managing Director, Kronos Quartet, Kronos Performing Arts Association