how can i help you?

We all need a little help at times for different reasons – for projects large or small, temporary or permanent life changes, or when overwhelm and other challenges such as ADHD prevent us from moving forward. When you need an objective set of eyes and ideas or are unable to see the proverbial forest through the trees, we will work together to create the plan and systems that are right for you.

I specialize in simple, practical, and holistic approaches to increase functional and visual flow with an individualized approach to each client and situation. In addition to being your organizer, I am also your project manager, facilitator, guide, champion, and sounding board.

photo organizing


My services encompass the following and more:

  • Declutter, streamline, and maximize spaces for optimal functionality
  • Assist with the navigation and management of the nitty gritty of daily life and life transitions, including moves, household mergers, downsizing, and rightsizing projects
  • Manage time, tasks, priorities, and projects
  • Increase productivity and peace of mind while helping you reclaim space and time
  • Prepare and pack for remodeling projects and unpack and set up spaces after the dust settles
  • Transform unruly paper piles into easily manageable files
  • Streamline and simplify work and creative spaces for solo-user and communal activities
  • Organize, edit, archive and store photographs and memorabilia
  • Assemble personalized emergency kits and plans


As long as there’s access to the internet, we can work together wherever you are on any of the above or other projects you may have waiting in the wings. Virtual organizing (a.k.a. assistance from a distance) and related services are ideal for clients with a desire for guidance, encouragement, and accountability without the need for me to be physically in the room where it happens.


The goal is to get you from point A to point B and beyond. I help you through any bumps, detours, and distractions that arise while taking the steps to create the results you desire. When needed, I do the research and provide resources that enable you to make informed decisions and/or purchases in support of the functionality and aesthetics you desire.

Making and sustaining change is a continual process that takes time to make a habit. I encourage you to allow yourself to embrace the successes and the hiccups along the way. I am always a phone call, text, or e-mail away should you need a dose of encouragement, a reminder, or an ear to share your latest epiphany or escapade. Ongoing support, maintenance, and/or tune-up sessions are encouraged as needed.

Have you got a question not addressed above? The answer may be in frequently asked questions.

Still wondering how I can help with your specific project? Please call or drop me a line.

Photos (left to right): Packing a teenager’s bedroom in preparation for a house remodel; post-move adjustments to the layout of a master closet included making room for the cat to have her quiet space; negatives a client inherited from her parents are sorted and reviewed prior to being printed as contact sheets.