Wendy Sue Horn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Portland

If you have ever stared at a pile of paperwork with hatred, fear and dread or just tossed crap into an area you tried to pretend didn’t exist like I did for years and years, then you will feel so satisfied when you tackle those projects with Deb. It’s hard to describe but she brought a sense of safety to me that I needed to do things I didn’t want to do. She was just the help I needed. I couldn’t possibly recommend her more enthusiastically.

Outside of her services being so useful she has a warm, calming, joyous presence that makes the time together a real pleasure. I cannot believe I waited so long to hire someone to help me cull through my house and get organized, it was such a good use of time and money and one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done for my family.

We worked on sorting and organizing almost every room in my house. Deb made everything feel doable, and we actually had a lot of fun in the process. I was shocked at how much I could get through in an hour when we were together. I never felt judged for the state of my house or the decisions I made to keep or get rid of anything. Deb has a gift for breaking things down so that tasks I had anticipated with dread and had procrastinated on for so long all of a sudden seemed so simple and doable.

I moved shortly after we finished our work together and I reaped the benefits of the systems we set up and the junk we got rid of during packing, unpacking and getting our new place set up. The largest value in her service was how she taught me to think about how I use space so that I am more capable of setting up useful systems in my house now and able to maintain the organization after the initial set up.

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