Peter F., San Francisco

During a long career as a magazine writer and editor, I was notorious for having the messiest offices in the world. Both at work and at home, my workspaces were buried in books, papers, and the occasional forgotten coffee cup. Now, thanks to Debra Baida at Liberated Spaces, all that has changed. She took on the Herculean task of turning my nightmare home office into a workspace that would be efficient and serene, and she succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. She planned out the new office, helped me locate suitable furniture–desk, printer table, bookshelves, lighting, new flooring. She helped me get rid of stuff, lots of stuff. And she was very fun to work with: creative, encouraging, insightful. Now I have the best office in the world. I can’t recommend Debra and Liberated Spaces highly enough. (via yelp)

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