Temporary changes during Covid-19

While the coronavirus is putting a wrench in our collective vibe, on the plus side, it is leading to creative impromptu work- and school-from-home modifications, pantry and freezer re-organization, and amazing community support of one another from afar. ‘Social distancing’ has become the new game in town, and I hope you, like me, are willing to play by the rules.

Being mindful about protecting both those with whom I come in contact most and myself, I am postponing in-person organizing sessions and shifting temporarily to “remote” organizing and coaching. Conducted via telephone, Zoom, or FaceTime, this interim approach can be very beneficial for moving along your current projects and goals. Progress can happen until we are able to be together in the same space.

Let’s help you ignite and keep up momentum! If you are interested and willing to give it a try, let’s schedule a call to discuss how I can best support the next steps in any of your projects. You might be surprised at the possibilities!

Most of all, stay safe, wash your hands, and listen to professionals and civic leaders who know what they’re talking about.

We’re all in this together while we’re apart.

peace + deep breaths,

P.S. I have revived the popular weekly “One small Sunday task” on my facebook page to help you focus on and move along little projects that ultimately make an impact in your life. Please follow along and do whatever moves you.

Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.