UPDATED: Organizing during a pandemic

UPDATED April 27, 2020

I’ve been receiving requests for onsite organizing work over the past many weeks. The inquiries are greatly appreciated.

As a non-essential worker – despite what many of my existing clients say ; ) – I am abiding by the shelter-in-place orders. For the time being, my only service offering is assistance from a distance, also known as virtual organizing via phone or video conferencing.

BUT if you’re interested in onsite and in-person work and wish to be placed in the post shelter-in-place queue, let’s chat.

Much gratitude for your interest.

Continued wishes for good health through these challenging times.

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March 20, 2020 post: Until the shelter-in-place order is lifted for non-essential works, sheltering in place for the past couple of weeks has brought some substantial shifts and awareness for my clients. I have heard about the desire to maintain continuity in our work together and for finding new inroads to support and improve daily life. What folks have mentioned thus far are the need for greater structure, how to best find and create balance, dealing with the fact that some things take longer than usual, discovering other projects and how to choose and focus on which one when, and so much more.

So planting a little seed of an idea here: perhaps you or someone you know may be wondering how they might get organizing help without someone being right there in the room with them. The powerful technology that is literally at our fingertips allows for assistance from a distance: one-on-one sessions via telephone, Zoom, and FaceTime. And if you want to see what that can look like in reality, here’s what my first and last in-person social distancing session looked like. I never lifted a finger or broke a sweat. I sat and coached the client while they did all the physical work. And yes, there were times when I wanted to leap up to help, but could not.

You have to admit to being a little curious, right?

Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.