Liberated Spaces attains Innovator certification

While I’ve been a certified SF Green Business since 2008, I’m excited to announce Liberated Spaces has become the fifth business in the state of California (!!!) to attain Innovator tier certification.

SF Environment's Instragram post about Liberated Spaces' becoming an Innovator Business.

As posted in San Francisco Department of the Environment’s (SF Environment) announcement today:

“I became a Green Business in order to more formally incorporate and deepen the commitments and values in my day-to-day life to all aspects of running a small business. These commitments extend directly to my clients, colleagues, and community for whom I’ve become a proven and trusted resource for recommending and catalyzing the incorporation of sustainable practices and zero waste choices.” – Debra Baida, Liberated Spaces

Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.