Is ADHD part of your life?

ADHD is an often misunderstood disorder that, along with many other parts of life, can affect a person’s ability to get, be, and stay organized. Being diagnosed with and seeking help for ADHD can be an overwhelming process of trial and error.

As much as I learn about the topic, my clients, quite honestly, are my best teachers. I am very proud of one such client who has blogged and tweeted about her first year after being diagnosed with ADHD diagnosis and is helping many others along the way, including another client of mine.
I am also honored to be part of her assembled team of experts who support and enable her to be the incredible person and expert she is.

This post is being shared with my client’s permission. I hope it shines some rays of light in your own journey. You’re not alone!

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Debra Baida
Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.