coaching & virtual organizing

Living and doing life usually involves a bit of figuring out how to get yourself from point A to point B so you can proceed to point C and beyond. When you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck by such undertakings and the array of decisions to be made, working with an organizer coach can provide an effective way to help you focus on and expedite such endeavors.

We’ll begin where you are right now. We’ll tap into your toolkit. You’ll define the destination, the goal, and the vision. One thing is perfectly clear: you have the answers. If there’s anyone who knows you better than anyone else it’s you.

As your coach I will ask questions and hold open the door while you reach inside for those answers. Our collaboration is a dialogue, and the process is a journey guided by your discoveries. I am here to listen and to encourage you along the way.

My coaching and virtual (i.e. by phone or video) organizing services are focused on providing assistance, convenience, insight, and accountability for those who need infusions of support to propel them to next actions in the following areas:

…navigate and manage life transitions
…gain greater control of time and energy
…prioritize and manage projects
…create new habits
…increase life balance
…maximize productivity
…have more fun while doing any and all the above

Assistance from a distance is beneficial for self-motivated individuals without the need for hands-on organizing assistance or as a supplemental boost between sessions for current organizing clients. Packages and pay-as-you-go sessions are available to accommodate a variety of schedules and budgets.

Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York, or points in between, let me know if you wish to explore working together. I invite you to get in touch so we can begin with a conversation.

Photo: A client’s notes from an in-person productivity and coaching session.