What to do with your old calendar

A frequent conundrum this time of year is what to do with the old wall calendar now that a new one has taken its place. For many, it feels wasteful to throw away (ahem, recycle) something with beautiful photos or inspiring messages, and I can completely understand that sentiment. There are plenty of ways to put that calendar to use in creative and useful ways.

I tackled this very topic in my own life 10 years ago, and wrote about some some the many alternative uses I both encountered and tried in How to recycle the years gone by. There are instructions available online for making paper organizer boxes that are simple enough for a kid to make for storing their unique collections!

I will admit to recycling a hanging calendar for a few years after it “expired” not for the days of the week but simply because the 12 months of cute sloths brought so much joy to the household and visitors. Silly, right? Yes, but…

baby sloth

See what I mean about sloths? Adorable!



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Debra Baida
Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.