Pennington A. N., Union City

My family of four moved abroad for two years. We stored half of our things in a garage in the Sierra Nevada, took the rest with us to the equator, bought more, then got rid of half of all that so it would fit in the shipping container to come home.

After we got back, I took a deep breath and asked Deb to come over. I’ve known Deb for over 20 years and was reluctant to ask her to help me. (We’re friends but, ew! She doesn’t need to know my secret hoard-y quirks!)

In the course of one day, we got my kitchen so ship-shape that everyone can find what they need every time! Interestingly, we are wasting less food and–dare I say it?–eating healthier because I can picture each organized cabinet and exactly what we have!

Call her! You’ll have fun, and be happier and healthier afterwards.

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