Niall & Caitlin K., Daly City

After hearing Deb speak on the radio show Forum, I was impressed with her thorough, simple and direct approach to home organization. My wife and I have two young children and since moving to our home a year ago, we still felt unsettled and disorganized.

On the phone consultation, Deb was compassionate in listening to our concerns, and clearly explained her approach to organization and her aim to empower clients to take control. In person, she proved to be warm, receptive, and flexible. She toured our home thoroughly and respectfully, asking about what worked and what didn’t, and made immediate suggestions to help us move towards our goals.

Deb is enthusiastic about her work, provides simple solutions to complex problems, and is adaptive to your needs. She is highly attuned to the anxieties of disorganization, and she is incredibly helpful in relieving them.

We met with her several times to reorganize our kitchen, which has since inspired us to progress to the rest of the house. We will always keep Deb in mind when we’re in need of a tune-up. Her teachings will persist in our home for a long time.

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