Max Maddock, NYC

Deb was an amazing resource in helping me clear out my storage unit in Berkeley two years after I relocated from the Bay Area to the East Coast. Deb did a great job at setting the pace and keeping things on track, making sure we finished what I wanted to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. It would have taken me a week – if ever! – to get the same things done.

The great thing about her is that she not only helped me immensely with the actual sorting and cleaning out of the space, but also she helped me prepare mentally for the work beforehand. Thinking about the task often became overwhelming, and she was there to listen and offer guidance.

Deb helped me create an action plan that we were able to execute in the five days allotted for this project. She was supportive and objective and always able to offer pros and cons for me to consider when the emotional weight of giving things up was great.

Deb’s assistance was invaluable. I would recommend her highly to anyone that needs help getting organized!

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