Reeling into the new year

Welcome, January 2nd! This vital but underrated day comes without the hype of its first out of the gate sibling. It lacks the rush of enthusiasm that often accompanies something shiny and fresh like the intentions, resolutions, and goals – IRGs for short – declared just yesterday. When we woke this morning the IRGs were waiting patiently right where we left them, but maybe they got nudged out of the way while our attention shifted into the post-holiday-return-to-normal routines.

Integrating something new requires effort and making adjustments to what we’re used to. The process can be accompanied by discomfort or exhilaration or any sensation in between, but key to any ounce of momentum is the readiness to try.

As a client wrote to me after a recent session during which we explored next steps for preparing herself to approach a very patient pile of boxes, her mind begins “reeling with thoughts…realizing there is a lot of emotion, ideas, potential…” Sound familiar? The mind can paralyze us or it can allow us to push forward at whatever pace feels right at the moment.

The brief response I sent back to her was returned to me word for word formatted as prose. It was an unexpected gift sent as the result of an unexpected gift. I present it today as a little offering of support to encourage forward momentum with whatever IRGs you’re ready to embrace in this new year.

Reeling is to be expected.
Change begets change.
You are changing and evolving.
What is boxed up can be unboxed,
revisited, retired, reinvigorated, and more.
All that you are inside will never change.

When you choose to lighten your load,
all that’s inside you will simply be lighter and freer
for more and new exciting thoughts and ideas,
and all their friends.

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  1. Avatar
    Sven Reply

    That opening paragraph is simply sublime.

  2. Avatar
    Ruth Reply

    Very nice, Deb. Lynn and I are still moving with momentum from our time w you last Friday. Today we went through spices with expiration dates from 2003 to 2016. Fun, lots of empty space on shelves. And it will be interesting to see which spices we actually miss now. Happy New Year.

    • deb
      deb Reply

      Thank you, Ruth, and Happy New Year to you and Lynn! Fun with spices can be most clarifying. Congratulations on that project!

  3. deb
    deb Reply

    Thank you. I’m humbled by your comment.

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