Presenting at NAPO-SFBA 2012 Regional Conference

I’m excited to be co-facilitating a session called “Eco-Friendly Organizing Practices” at the NAPO-SFBA 2012 Regional Conference on November 3 in Santa Rosa, CA.

Here’s the session description:

Organizers routinely help their clients cultivate new practices to support the transformations they wish to make. Making change is a process, and one that is best understood and imparted when the facilitator has gone through a related/similar experience. Using sustainability and sustainable practices as the change-making platform, we will explore strategies toward making habit change a reality. Participants will leave this workshop armed with steps and a plan for creating truly eco-friendly changes within their own lives, while gaining first-hand experience of the process of change itself.

I invite you to visit the link above to download the program guide  to see the fabulous line-up that awaits attendees!

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