Mentoring & organization for teens

When a very charismatic high school senior asked me to be her mentor for a project focused on organizing for students, the only answer I could offer was an enthusiastic ‘yes!’

A few weeks ago, I attended the public (as in the school community public) unveiling and exhibition of the very impressive array of projects she and her classmates created. My mentee produced a wonderful series of ten videos geared toward incoming freshmen that cover topics ranging from organizing a locker or backpack to time management and to do lists. As my wise young friend wrote, “Organizational skills are extremely important for every student’s success in school, but successful organization is different for everyone. I created a series of online videos for freshmen which gives them a broad understanding of what skills they can use and helps them customize those skills to fit their own unique needs and learning styles.”

Just like her parents, I’m so proud!


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Debra Baida
Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.