Hanging out with Oprah and Fake Plastic Fish

If it helps any, I was laughing while typing that headline.

The hanging out with Oprah bit probably caught your attention, but the truth is we’re together in name only. Check out the generous mention of Liberated Spaces alongside Miss Winfrey on the blog of Goodwill of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey. Someone from my natal home turf found my recently posted photo essay about textile recycling at the Goodwill processing facility in San Francisco!

In addition to being a great name for a band, Fake Plastic Fish is the name of an engaging and informative blog by Beth Terry of Oakland, CA. Since 2007, Beth has been tracking and reporting on her personal quest to diminish the existence of plastic in her life. She interviewed me for an article about people who reduce waste by bringing their own bags and containers when grocery shopping and dining out – you know, for carrying home the left-overs. Read the article for my tips for organizing your to-go containers and bags! And because I have the utmost admiration for Beth’s commitment and journey, Fake Plastic Fish has been added as an “eco-logical” link (see right column!).

p.s. And while you’re visiting her site, check out the fish-shaped a’s of Beth’s logo! It’s March and my Piscean self loves the fish letters!

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    Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish Reply

    Thanks for the link!

    And thanks for letting us know about the Goodwill recycling facility in SF. Sounds like another field trip I will have to make. In the meantime, I am on my way to Twitter and Facebook to post your Goodwill photo essay.

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    Barbara Reply

    You’ve got to check out this story about a Salvation Army rejected shirt ending up in Africa: “How Susie Bayer’s T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama’s Back”


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