At the core of my business is the desire to see clients succeed as we bring positive change to their lives.

On the organizing journey, I am by your side to motivate and guide you through the bumps, detours, and distractions while taking the steps to create the results you desire. I find that clients’ full participation in the organizing process is a key component for the success of their projects. Working side by side, we exchange ideas, share and transfer skills, and enrich the collaboration, as we guide each other through the process.

My approach is summed up in three words: rethink, recreate, resolve.


It is easy to get stuck in familiar patterns, and when you are ready for new ideas, an objective pair of eyes can help you rethink what has been, what is, and what can be.

Before launching into any organizing endeavor, we spend time assessing the current situation and make a plan that incorporates the range of possible new solutions while keeping your vision, goals, and priorities at the forefront.

During this phase, and throughout our time working together, I invite you to rethink and challenge what you’re accustomed to. The fluidity of the organizing process provides many opportunities for you to try new habits and set-ups in order to determine what feels most comfortable.

I like to remind people that getting organized is about integrating your needs, values, and aesthetics rather than making your home or office look like a picture in a magazine. We will work together to create spaces or systems that are right for you while incorporating style when and where you want it.


Working with elements already in your home or office often provide the optimal start point for recreating new organizing systems. Once we triage what is staying from anything that may be exiting, we will move and sort to create something new out of what you already have.

This is where creativity has cost-saving benefits. Sometimes we can find the magic in the mundane by finding new uses for things you already own.

And of course, we’ll bring in new organizing tools and skilled craftspeople when necessary and within budget.


The end goal of our work together is to resolve challenges by integrating simplified, maintainable, and sustainable solutions into your life that are just right for you. After our main collaboration is complete, you will have ample opportunities to use your new systems by practicing what you have learned. Becoming organized is a continual process that takes time to make a habit. Allow yourself to embrace the successes and the hiccups along the way.

I am always a phone call or e-mail away should you need a dose of encouragement, a reminder, or an ear to share your latest organizing escapade. Follow-up sessions or tune-ups, as many clients call them, can be arranged at your convenience.

The end of our work together is a new beginning for you.