About fees

For many professional organizers, like myself, our business is a full-time occupation and passion. It’s neither a hobby nor a side gig. We, like any service provider, establish our rates based on a number of factors including our geographic location, years of experience, professional training, professional certifications, client demographics, among others. Rates are independently determined, and each of us takes into account all costs of doing business so we can cover expenses and make a living. If you spend time searching around online, you will find published fees for organizing services that range from $20 to $250 per hour.

For the self-employed, accounting for basic business expenses is a key consideration when determining fees. One such expense is the moving target of increasing premiums for health insurance. By making a choice to keep my rates unchanged for a few years, I’ve decided to work harder to keep both my business sustainable and my fees as affordable to my clients as I possibly can.