10th Anniversary offer: Discount or donation

In light of the darkness in Charlottesville this past weekend and the compounding threats to climate, clean air, water, and more, I’ve decided to alter and expand the original 10th anniversary special announced (and now removed) a few weeks ago.

Supporting both clients and causes is integral to my values and mission, and I’m inviting you to participate in whatever way you choose.

From now until December 15, organizing and coaching services* are being offered at 10% off or 10% donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center or the National Resources Defense Council. You designate where the money goes. This offer is limited to one session or package per new or existing client.

Feel free to share this information with friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, or anyone you think might be intrigued by this opportunity. I work with people near and far: throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, from Los Angeles to London, and places in between. Just mention “10th anniversary” when scheduling!

My first goal is to donate $500.celebrating 10 years

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Debra Baida
Debra Baida is the owner of Liberated Spaces.