I’ve assembled a tightly curated selection of resources that I use most frequently with and on behalf of my clients. These resources provide guidance and guidelines that can enable you to step into a simple, more sustainable, and conscious lifestyle.

CONSUMER RESOURCES will help you make informed and healthy purchases and choices for you, your family, and the environment.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS is something we all need to make room for in our lives. Emergencies of all kinds, shapes, and sizes – from power outages or water main breaks, to tornados or earthquakes and everything in between – can alter the course of normal at a moment’s notice. Checklists, plan-making recommendations, and a plethora of information can be found on the sites provided.

LOCAL FOOD RESOURCES provide starting points to help you locate, purchase, and eat (yum!) fresh, seasonal, and locally-grown food. Eating food that’s grown near your home is a cost-effective and tasty feature of sustainable living.

MAILBOX DIET is a recommended course of action if you are receiving too much junk mail. Reducing the amount of mail coming into your life has great benefits: you’ll minimize paper clutter in your home, and you’ll become part of the larger effort to reduce unnecessary paper consumption.

RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING & HAZARDOUS WASTE know-how will enable you to properly dispose of unwanted items¬† from paper, bottles, and plastics, to cleaning agents, nail polish, batteries, and paint. For those seeking outlets for recycling books, clothing, art supplies, and even small plastic toys, you’ll find select recommendations here, too!


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