debra baida, life organizer & coach

dbaida_7450cr_smBWI started my organizing business in 2007 after two decades working as a photo editor in New York and San Francisco. In many ways the transition made a lot of sense – collaborating with photographers and art directors to edit images for the purpose of telling stories, translated quite naturally into working with peoples’ lives and their stuff. I collaborate with my clients to edit, embrace, and reclaim their spaces so they can effectively continue to pursue and create their stories. Admittedly, too, I believe the organizing gene has been as prominent in my DNA as is the gene for curly hair.

My coaching practice evolved from and was inspired by my organizing practice. Organizing is as much about listening and conversing as it is about moving stuff around. What quickly revealed itself – depending on the situation, of course – is that I am coach for my clients and the various aspects of their lives, including their spaces, stuff, time, projects, goals, transitions, and more.

Organizing and coaching provide me with a meaningful and creative outlet to share skills and information that empower individuals to bring about positive change in their lives. Connecting with people fuels my days, and I continue to be inspired and humbled by those who invite me into their homes and professional worlds.

Throughout my pursuits, I maintain a strong commitment to participating in the local community. Most recently, I’ve been Community Partner for Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo & Marin. For five years I was a volunteer project captain for Rebuilding Together San Francisco (RTSF), and I collaborated with their staff to incorporate professional organizers into their efforts. After completing the third year of a two year term leading the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals’ Environmentally Conscious Organizers Special Interest Group, I continue to be an active member. My company has been a San Francisco Green Business since 2008.

In other parts of my life I am a photographer who refuses to give up black-and-white film, a sustainable food advocate who loves sharing her latest local find, an avid cook who considers time in the kitchen a form of meditation, and a voracious reader. My personal journey of adopting a simple and sustainable lifestyle began shortly after my move to San Francisco. Some may say it was the left coast’s air and water, but truly, it happened by accident and out of necessity.

Liberated spaces is a motivating force in my life and in the collaborations with my clients. In my blog of the same name, musings and findings loosely pertaining to organizing, sustainable living, and creativity intersect and mingle. These are themes that fill my waking hours, though they’ve yet to infiltrate my sleeping hours.