how can i help you?

When asked what my favorite things or spaces to organize are, I respond with the following: papers, kitchens, offices, and quite honestly, any overwhelm that leads someone to reach out for assistance.

To give you some more insight, here are some of the many ways I can help you:


  • Declutter, reorganize, and maximize spaces
  • Manage life transitions, household mergers, and rightsizing projects
  • Prepare and pack for remodeling projects and resituate after the dust settles
  • Transform unruly paper piles into easily manageable files
  • Simplify and streamline spaces and functions throughout the home
  • Organize, edit, store, and display photographs
  • Assemble personalized emergency kits and plans for the home, office, and car


  • Declutter, reorganize, and rearrange spaces
  • Simplify and streamline spaces for solo-user and communal work areas
  • Time management and task prioritization
  • Create intuitive and user-friendly office supply rooms
  • Implement easily manageable filing systems
  • Organize physical and digital (Mac-based only) files


  • Navigate and manage life transitions
  • Increase productivity
  • Manage time, priorities, and projects
  • Create new habits
  • Get unstuck and move forward

More details about coaching offerings are coming soon. Please inquire if you’re interested in this service!

Still wondering how I can help with your specific project? Please call or drop me a line.