Emergencies come in all shapes, sizes, and durations regardless of where you live. Checklists, plan-making recommendations, and a plethora of information can be found on these sites.

  • Ready.gov provides preparedness and public information a la FEMA
  • American Red Cross is a go-to source for resources, information, and community reunification
  • 72hours.org is a fabulous preparedness resource from the city and county of San Francisco
  • NERT = free community preparedness training for residents taught by members of the San Francisco Fire Department. For those outside these 49 square miles, contact your local volunteer CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program. Get involved and get educated!
  • Earthquake Home Preparedness – In addition to being an Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSF, Dr. Matt Springer is an enthusiastic earthquake preparedness guru and a really nice guy. His site is filled with photos of home safety steps, a video of his engaging presentation, and more!

emergency preparedness go kit


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